Reach Alerts

The administration unit of a school or college has to be in regular contact with its staff, students and parents. Communicating through newsletters or announcements has become outdated and redundant. Educational institutions have to find a method of communication that is fast, effective and affordable. Honeycomb Reach Alerts is a futuristically complete solution that unleashes the power of instant network messaging and emergency alerts to all computer/cell phone users connected with the institution. Its ability to send one-way instant messages to thousands of computers/cell phones makes it ideal for use in school and college campuses for network messaging and to send out important campus alerts to students, staff, parents and faculty members.HRA is an effective means of communication that ensures that the correct message reaches the right person at the right time. Candidates can be alerted of shortlisting and admission lists. Exam timetables and holiday notifications can be sent or modified instantly. Parents can be informed of attendance shortage and exam results of students. Reminders for fee due and library book returns can also be sent automatically. Students can also obtain their performance results in exams via this module on their cell phones. For the staff of the institution Reach Alerts helps in providing real-time information on academics, student management, salary slips, design

Reach Alerts at a glance:

  • Exams schedule and changes communicated to parents/students instantly.
  • Details of achievements, awards, recognitions sent instantly to parents.
  • Fee reminders cab be sent when due.
  • Fee payment details can be sent as soon as payment is paid
  • Parents meeting can be scheduled and reminders sent
  • Students/staff can be greeted on their birthday.
  • Monthly Tests and Yearly term results announcements via SMS/email
  • Institutes opening day, mess opening day messages can be sent from the SMS module.
  • Library book return reminder alerts sent from library.
  • Alert SMS on delayed transport can be sent
  • Parents of absentee students notified instantly.
  • Generate customized reports on SMS/email sent based on delivery status, no of alerts, type of alerts etc.