Discipline Management

Maintaining discipline in any school or college campus goes a long way in cultivating the reputation of any institute. School managements/boards or universities are often required to provide conduct certificates of students and staff moving to a different institute. Data relating to disciplinary issues are generally hard to track and maintain. Honeycomb Discipline Management module is a powerful solution that enables educators to document, track, and report disciplinary incidents in a secure, intuitive, and affordable manner. The staff members of the institute will experience a dramatic improvement in their ability to access the real-time information needed to help track, understand, and mediate a student’s behavioral trends.

HDM provides a school or college with a single interface for reporting disciplinary issues, tracking the actions taken to resolve the issue and generate actionable reports to compare and analyze the discipline variance of multiple classes or courses. It also furnishes the institution with the means of generating conduct reports at the click of a button. Faculty members are allowed to input feedback about students that can be used to form the content of the conduct certificate

Discipline Management a glance:

  • Ideal discipline software for every educationalinstitute world –wide, be it a school or a college.
  • Instantly access any student's complete disciplinary history
  • Document multiple discipline incidents, follow-up actions, teacher comments, incident locations, and the students and staff involved.
  • Track bullies and victims and, produce a detailed report.
  • Print student discipline histories.
  • Discipline Management module generates individualized letters to report student incidents to parents.
  • Easily and quickly produce user-customized reports on issues and action taken
  • Graphical analysis of issues based on occurrence.
  • Enable staff, parents and students to access discipline data privately and securely online with Oréll Cyber Campus web portal.
  • Follow-up reports tracking students after incidents
  • Break down incidents by teacher: Know which discipline issues are affecting your staff
  • Analyze incidents by location and time to evaluate security
  • Easily search discipline data to produce lists and tallies.
  • Student and staff discipline reports can be generated on providing the respective ID.
  • Faculty feedback on individual students or whole class.
  • Generate conduct certificate based on discipline record and faculty feedback