Hostel Supervisor

Student housing is a vital but often housing administration is a neglected area in most schools or colleges. It involves the complex task of assigning residential facilities to student and monitoring their movements in and out of the hostel. The institution has to keep track of fees due and paid and vacancies both current and future. The Honeycomb Hostel Supervisor Module is a fully integrated system which efficiently manages the entire residential facility in the institute. It enables paperless management of student housing requirements and ensures that the residential facility is used to its maximum potential. Manpower requirements are kept to the bare minimum while increasing the overall security system by implementing the use of biometrics/RFID card. The student database of the school or college may be shared with this module.

HHS offers the user the option of setting different room categories in more than one hostel. Students can be sorted into groups and group fees can be assigned collectively. OHS also provides the option of assigning individual fees. Rooms can be reserved in advance and will be assigned according to preset priorities. The online housing application allows institutions to assign weights to various preferences and priorities, and students to be matched to roommates based on their unique preferences. Student or visitors movement in and out of the hostel can be monitored effortlessly with the use of biometrics or RFID cards. Hostel wardens can predict future vacancies, track student progress through the placement process, and aggregate data on population percentages and trends as well as report on incidents and disciplinary actions. OHS generates automatic e-alerts to parents/guardians on ward's attendance and outstanding dues if any as well as maintain scrupulous inventory control.

Hostel Supervisor at a glance:

  • Assigning of hostel ,room, bed to students
  • Integration with RFID/Biometric/Smart card
  • Room transfer within hostel
  • Tracking of student movement, attendance, details
  • Fee collection details
  • Paid and due fee reports
  • Enhanced security through RFID/Biometric/Smart card
  • Customizable to suit individual requirements
  • Vacating rooms assigned after use
  • Room registration and bed allotment
  • Advance reservation of room
  • Monitor visitor entry
  • Robust and Stable
  • Error free and effective
  • Hostel inmate management
  • Monitor entry/exits
  • Mess/inventory management
  • Daily attendance marking
  • E-alerts to parents/guardians regarding attendance, fees due etc.
  • Reports on reservation, occupants, fees and visitors