Student Examiner

Student ExaminerExamination is one of the most important processes in schools and colleges since it provides the metrices to evaluate the students. It involves a broad range of activities starting from scheduling exam timetables to creation of assessment reports. Honeycomb Student Examiner module provides a comprehensive management of examination process in the institution. The module has all the functionalities which will automate the processes and thus help the user to save time. It may also be used at the university level to schedule examinations for institutions affiliated to it.

HSE is a powerful pupil evaluation management engine, which supports a broad spectrum of examination protocols. This resourcefully engineered module can not only be tailored to incorporate the challenging demands of any institution of learning, regardless of magnitude or syllabi complexity, but it also sports matchless features such as question banks, exam scheduler, detailed score analyzer, graphical/numerical presenter, e-alerter and much more. HSE with its ease-of-use and efficient systemization of the examination processes is an invaluable tool for every college or school.

Fee Administrator at a glance:

  • Flexibility to conduct exams in the Online and offline mode.
  • Generation & archiving of question bank for a subject .
  • Unlimited question bank -- class-wise, subject-wise, difficulty level-wise
  • Provision for adding Descriptive questions and objective questions
  • Audio/Video/image files can be uploaded in question.
  • Easy scheduling of exam timetable
  • Subject allotment for scheduled exams
  • Automatic creation of question paper for a subject from the question bank
  • Preview Question Paper (with date, time, maximum mark)
  • Question papers can be shuffled at the time of examination
  • Automatic evaluation of the objective questions
  • Descriptive question answers can be viewed and evaluated by teacher.
  • Option where teacher can resume evaluation later.
  • CGPA & GPA calculations & reports
  • Graphical evaluation of reports along with Pass percentage
  • Mark entry
  • Supports added evaluations -- viva-voce, labs etc
  • Scoring -- class-wise, subject-wise, student-wise
  • Score analysis -- class-wise, subject-wise for teacher/student
  • Confidential teacher performance analyzer
  • Grading/promotion
  • Online posting of exam schedule, Evaluation status, Result
  • Performance monitoring of ward online
  • E-alerts to students/parents regarding exam schedule and results.