File Manager

Oréll campus File Manager is a document management module that offers campuses a secure, centralized area to collect and store folders of student/employee documents of a school, college or university. This virtual file cabinet can store literally every kind of information in multiple formats. It can contain any document like graded work, progress reports, confidential health info, transcripts of lessons, artwork, details of homework assignments, absentee records, discipline notices, recital audio clips, athletic video clips, discipline notices, parental slips and permission slips -- the possibilities are limitless. With drag-and-drop ease of operation HFM is indeed a campus/school administrator's must-have tool.

HFM archives both the softcopy and hardcopy of documents and keeps precise track of its location. It also records the return of hard copy of documents to owner or authorized personnel. Oréll campus File Manager is a full fledged system that enables the user to store, track and retrieve the files in the real world as well as in the virtual world at his expediency and thus reduces the risk of mislay.

File Manager at a glance:

  • Drag-and-drop ease of operation
  • Store every type of document pertinent to staff/student
  • Add movie clips of recitals, plays, or speeches
  • Include teacher certifications, awards, and pertinent documents
  • Automatically add any document as PDF document (optional)
  • Documents follow student/teacher throughout campus years
  • Building, Room, Shelf, Rack Creation for storing hardcopy
  • Submission of files by Student/Staff
  • Easy tracking of files
  • Reduces mislay of files and documents
  • Generates reports or file details and file status
  • Record return of hardcopy of documents to owner
  • Saves the files as soft copy in the virtual world
  • Track document storage according to the date
  • File submitted are secure
  • Stored in soft copy as well
  • Supports all formats
  • User friendly
  • Customizable