Front Office

All the activities in a school or college start from the front office. Oréll campus Front Office is an automated front office management module which operates in the reception area of an educational institution. It enables proper organising of contacts, appointments, schedules and supporting corresponding in one place. It also assists front office executives/receptionists to track and manage visitors, create and issue gate passes and provide assistance to visitors, parents and students. Oréll campus Front Office management module is a time efficient tool for easily managing all front office operations within a centralized environment. This front office module is easy to use for both new as well as experienced users.

HFO keeps track of the appointment schedule of the staff of the institution. It also keeps a record of all incoming and outgoing calls routed through the front office. The software has options to receive and deliver packages that arrive at the institution front desk through courier or postal services. Oréll campus Front Office offers reminders and alarms, group scheduling, related parties, easy-to-access case status and information screens with a user-friendly interface for customization.

Front Office at a glance:

  • Enables appointment system and automatic generation of gate pass
  • Ensure that staff is ready for a meeting and monitor the number of visitors
  • Monitors and records all the incoming and outgoing calls with caller details and number
  • Keep records of all couriers/dispatches
  • Smart way of appointment management and meeting scheduling
  • Generation of integrated reports
  • Easy retrieval of records entered
  • Reliability in recording details of visitors
  • Communication among different department/users
  • Leaving messages
  • Meeting and appointment reminders
  • Appointment setting
  • Permission slip generation for student/visitor
  • Address book , telephone directory
  • Call register, report and response recorder
  • Enquiry and follow up management