Medical Care

Every educational campus, whether a school or college requires the use of an onsite medic to handle any medical emergencies that can and will occur on a regular basis. Many institutes also conduct periodic medical checkups for their staff and students. Blood donation drives are often organized in many colleges as part of community service. Honeycomb Medical Care module is a fully integrated clinical information system designed for maintaining precise record of all health and medical data. A database of health tips for various common diseases that occur can be maintained. Allergy and disease database of the common allergies or diseases is maintained. It enables the healthcare department to keep a note of the medicines that are used in case of an occurrence of the allergy or disease. The details of the medical insurance policy of the members availing the healthcare facility of the institute are maintained for easy retrieval of information of medical policies provided. Every detail of the staff/student- physical features to alternative contact numbers in case of emergency is recorded by this module. A blood donation record keeps track of the list of all donors who have registered with the healthcare wing of the institute and have donated their blood.

HMC is hands-down the best and most affordable software for managing healthcare in a campus setting. Its clean interface makes it remarkably easy to use, and it offers all the tools you'll need to run your campus clinic smoothly and efficiently. It keeps track of students and their clinic visits, medications, immunizations, and screenings through an efficient, secure and 100% automated thorough process. Assuring complete documentation, OMC is ideal for creating individual care plans and closely monitoring them. The Honeycomb Medical Care module is an ideal healthcare management software for management and supervision of healthcare in an educational institution for both students and staff communities.

Medical Care at a glance:

  • Manage the medical insurance policies of staff and students of the school or college.
  • Easy tracking of medical reports.
  • Healthcare tips for all.
  • A blood donors’ database is created.
  • Details of blood donation and treatments of individuals can be viewed.
  • A health register is maintained for every individual regarding the common allergies and diseases.
  • A database of common allergies and diseases can be saved with the corresponding medicines used.
  • Diseases -- condition report (illness and hospitalization)
  • Confidential history accessible by users with security right
  • Quick entry of doctors orders available to parents
  • Comprehensive reports
  • Medicine stock list and equipment detail
  • Details of medical services (doctor, hospital, ambulance etc)