Oréll Campus Management Software.

Oréll campus overview

Oréll Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. recognized the need for an efficient and comprehensive campus management software and developed Oréll campus, a Campus Management Solution to deliver end-to-end process management functionality for educational

institutions. The solution enables automation of most routine administrative tasks, thus allowing for better management and reporting. Other benefits include increased interactivity and experiential learning, simplified communication, improved accountability and implementation of systems and processes which would add human support and interaction between students and instructors.

  • Oréll campus simplifies administrative, academic and financial management of any institution regardless of size and complexity.
  • Student admission can be managed with minimal manual effort. Online application process and preset sorting criteria ensure that qualified students are automatically sorted into classes and notifications send to students regarding admission.
  • Oréll campus grants the teachers, students and parents the ability to communicate seamlessly with each other and with the management in a productive manner.
  • Employee management is effortless and error free. Payroll calculations can be done at the touch of a button. Online faculty feedback ensures that all teachers perform their very best.
  • Timetables can be created and attendance marked with utmost ease. This ensures that faculty time is gainfully utilized. Exams can be conducted and promotion granted to deserving students with minimal effort.
  • Campus financial processes like fee collection, accounting and payroll are integrated into the Honeycomb system thus providing an error free and robust system of financial administration.
  • Oréll campus will manage the students’ co-curricular activities, keeping precise record of medical and health details, sports and arts competitions, disciplinary issues and other holistic areas.
  • Students and employees can utilize conveniences like library, hostel and transportation facilities using RFID/biometric systems.