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The academic calendar of a school or college is chock full of co-curricular activities and events encouraging the students to participate actively. The events can include academic events like quizzes and science fairs and non-academic ones like music, drama and sports. Planning and scheduling these events in a way that it does not clash with each other or with exam and holiday schedules is an arduous task for anybody. The Honeycomb Event Manager Module is a calendar-based institutional event management program that helps conduct campus competitions in an individual/group/class-wise basis effectively. It understands and addresses the multi-functional responsibilities of Venue Managers, Conference Managers and Event Managers. Honeycomb Event Manager is an end-to-end event management software solution that can be used to manage everything from room scheduling to event registration to event settlement providing the flexibility required to operate within the complex environment facing higher education managers.

HEM can effortlessly handle the planning, scheduling, conducting and evaluation of the co-curricular activities of a school, college or a university. Students can be sorted into groups or houses so that points scored by students in various events can be added into group aggregate score. This high-tech yet user-friendly environment is simple to use and features on-screen help menus along with a convenient user's guide. Whether you are looking to manage competitions in arts/sports, evaluate individual/group/class-wise performances or conduct a campus election, OEM can handles it all precisely, systematically and quickly with absolute finesse.

Event Manager at a glance:

  • View event and its details.
  • Creating group and allocating students to it.
  • Enter Participation details
  • Event and item entry
  • Result entry and scoring details.
  • Evaluate individual/group wise performance.
  • Faster Decision making.
  • Simplification of process.
  • Improves time management
  • Simplifies event management process.
  • Integration of resources.
  • Easy screening of participants
  • Ensures transparency in the process.
  • Setup events calendar day/week/month wise
  • Manage competitions in arts and sports
  • Participant registration
  • Points definition and entry
  • Result calculation and display
  • Individual/group/class-wise performance
  • Inter zone cultural and sports activities
  • Election supervision complete with definition of posts, publishing of results etc
  • Organize extra curricular activities such as: clubs, houses, dance, music etc
  • Send event e-alerts to students/parents regarding events and results
  • Generate customized reports on events, participation and results