Placement Assistant

The Placement records are the yard stick for measuring the success rate or efficiency of an educational institution. Hence it is very important to build a strong portfolio of industry leaders as potential employers. Honeycomb Placement Assistant is a powerful tool that can coordinate and manage all the details of placement, career openings, requirements and deadlines, institutional contacts and mails. It provides reports and data for comparisons, prioritization, and analysis. Honeycomb Placement Assistant provides individual accounts for the students, employers and placement administrator. This creates a three way link between the important entities in a campus selection process. New Jobs can be listed by the employer directly in the system and interested candidates can view and apply to the respective job openings.

Placement Assistant is an exclusive web-based placement services solution that can be effortlessly integrated with campus portals. As it offers login facility for students, prospective employers as well as institution administrator, it not only increases placement rates for students transitioning into the workforce, but it also allows employers to locate qualified students and alumni. With 24/7 access to valuable resume-writing tools and career advice, it enhances the public image of a campus while building and maintaining strong relationships with graduating seniors and alumni.

Bus Router a glance:

  • Route management and optimization
  • Congestion reduction through perfect stage creation
  • Transportation affordability calculation
  • Fare setting student/class/vehicle wise
  • Stage/Stop settings
  • Dual conveyance allocation -- class-wise and student-wise
  • Conveyance schedules
  • Driver and helper allocation
  • Vehicle maintenance and fuel charges
  • Route stop details
  • Staff/ Student detail and their boarding points
  • Mundane bus log
  • Contractor/owner details for all vehicles
  • Vehicle service details.
  • Insurance claim details
  • Accident particulars
  • Tax payment information
  • Daily trip meter and daily expense calculation
  • Student/Staff allocation to routes/stages/vehicles.