Oréll Campus Management Software .

Clients Overview

Lievens Academy
Lohardaga,Jharkhand, India
More than 1000 students
Orell campus management software
School Overview

Lievens Academy is located in Lohardaga, Jharkhand. Lievens Academy was established in May 1st 1999 with the support of INDALCO – Bagru. The School perpetuates the venerable name of the Apostle of Jharkhand – Fr. Constant Lievens, the Belgian missionary who gave his life for the people of Jharkhand, bringing about social and economic emancipation through education with the Motto “Fire Must Burn”.


Before implementing Orell Honey Comb, there was no automated process followed in Lievens Academy .The only software that was running in the campus was Tally for the accounting processing. Lievens invited Orell software solutions to implement the Honeycomb Campus Management Dashboard in 2012. The objective of the implementation was to automate the admittance and the whole administration process in the campus.

Approach and Process

Orell team conducted a system analysis in the pre-sales phase.
The team visited the campus and collected the whole requirements for the institution from the administrator
A process study report was generated by the Orell team after reviewing the system and was handed over to the project in charge of Lievens Academy.
Orell and Lievens, both mutually agreed for customization. After the approval Orell team started the customization and regular updates were sent to Lievens Academy.
A training session was conducted by the Business Analyst team to educate the system users.

User Acceptance

The implementation process at Lievens Academy was a very good experience for Orell. The project implementation was carried out without any major conflicts and problems. The staffs and management of Lievens were very supportive.

Conflict Management: Process Followed to resolve conflicts

The Orell team did not face any conflict in the entire process. The only problem faced by the Orell team was during the installation, since the system requirements for the implementation were not set up by the client and Orell team did the same for the client. Hence the Orell team had to change the plan to meet the timeline of delivery.


Timeline of Delivery: To meet the timeline of delivery, the project execution plan had to be changed.

Results attained by the client
  • Results attained by the client
  • Easy access to the complete information of a student.
  • Easy and automatic timetable creation.