Oréll Campus Management Software .

Clients Overview

DC School of Management and Technology
Vagamon, Kerala, India
More than 350 students
Orell campus management software - 15 modules implemented
School Overview

DCSMAT is located in Vagamon, Idukki, Kerala, was established in 2002, focused to deliver quality education. It is one of the few institutes in India approved by AICTE. Before Oréll Honeycomb, DCSMAT had an open source course management system, MOODLE. They were also using tally for the accounting processes. In 2012 DCSMAT invited Oréll Software Solutions Pvt Ltd to implement ERP software, Honeycomb in their campus. The objective of DCSMAT was to automate all the academic and administration processes.

Approach and Process

A system analysis was conducted by the Oréll team during the pre-sales phase. The second step was implementation of the product. After implementation, business analysts from Oréll visited the campus to conduct process study and gap analysis. The BA team also gave training to the system administrator and functional specialists to work on the software. The BA team gathered all requirements for customization from the functional specialists of the Institution. All the requirements gathered were documented and approved by the head of the institution. After the process study document was approved, Oréll technical specialists started working on the customization process of DCSMAT.

User Acceptance

Orell campus management software implementation at DCSMAT experience has been very good for Oréll Software Solutions Pvt Ltd. The project was executed well and there were hardly any major issues. Oréll team could experience a good change management and risk analysis. DCSMAT staffs and management have been supportive since form the beginning of the project.

  • Conflict Management:
  • Process followed to resolve conflicts during Honeycomb implementation at DCSMAT, team from Oréll did not face any conflict. A minor confusion occurred during the customization phase. The technical team started working according to the plan made after analyzing approved process study document. Once work had started, management of DCSMAT came up with critical changes in their requirements. Since the changes were critical and complicated, Oréll team arranged an urgent meeting and rescheduled the customization phase, which could accommodate the changes required by the client. The customization work was able to complete in the time limit decided during the initial stages of the project.

  • Issues
  • Strict timeline: Since the project had strict timeline since initial stages, Orell team had to reschedule plans according to changes requested by DCSMAT management.

    Hosting issue: DCSMAT requested a hosting solution in their premises. Even though it wasn’t in the contract, an additional team had deployed for a solution.

  • Lessons learnt
  • Orell implementation experience at SIET, Lievens Academy and RIT were very informative and contributed a lot towards the execution of the project. A good team with excellent technical and functional knowledge will ease the implementation process and customization. A stable software and established process will enable risk free implementation.