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World-class Campus Management ERP Suite specifically designed to simplify the processes for Schools & Colleges in meeting their emerging technological and administrative requirements.

  • All-in-one Cloud Edition
  • Integrated with e-Learning and online exam
  • Interactive Mobile app for Students/Parents/Teachers

Over 5000 clients across 50+ countries rely on Oréll

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Make your Administrative Life Easier with Oréll Campus Management Software.

Campus Administration Reinvented with Integrated ERP Solution, catering to schools, colleges, multi-campuses & Universities

Oréll Campus Management System

Expanding the possibilities of Students and Faculty into a wider spectrum!

Oréll Software Solutions brings you Oréll Campus Management Software, an online, multifaceted package which provides sophisticated and superior technology and aims at offering quality service to the education sector. Oréll Campus is the trusted choice of campus administrators globally due to its advance features and real world information flow system. Some of its highlights include:

  • Availability as a basic integrated application
  • Upgradeable to an Intranet / Internet system
  • Smart card enabled
  • Considerably improve performance
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Why Choose Oréll?

Oréll Campus Management Software- Excellence Achieved over the Last 20 Years

Oréll - The Global Leader

Oréll Campus Management Software is brought to you by the Oréll group of companies, pioneers in delivering cutting-edge technology solutions to the education ecosystem for over 20 years.

Trusted by 5,000+ Clients

More than 5,000 institutions across 50-plus countries are powered by Oréll, benefitting over 10 million users worldwide

24/7 Customer Support

Our Customer Relationship Management Center is manned by a round-the-clock team, offering services beyond support. Contact us here 24/7 for onsite/online installation and/or troubleshooting services as well as user-training.

Campus Automation & Management Software Modules

The Comprehensive Campus Management suite brought to you by Oréll Software Solutions Private Limited (India), offers all-inclusive automation covering a broad choice of technology infrastructure. Installing and configuring Oréll Campus will help you streamline and optimise your campus administration in a few easy ways. All you have to do is install the system,personalise according to your unique requirement, and then you’re ready to go!The modules are comprised of:

  • Online Admission Management System & CRM Platform
  • Fee Management, Attendance, Payroll, Accounting System
  • Examination Management / Online Exam, Report card etc.
  • Payment gateway Integration, SMS Integration, Biometric etc.
  • Hostel, Bus &Library Management System

Campus Automation & Management Software Advantages

Oréll Campus andSchool Automation System is necessary software for any institution that requires a seamless functioning. It is completely reliable and comprehensive campus management software with great customer support. It is inclusive and caters to all the requirements of campus administration and save you from the headache of paperwork. It’s more advantages include:

  • Integrated, Comprehensive & Web-based
  • Interactive, User Friendly & Customizable
  • Can be hosted in-house or online
  • Saves time and expense
  • Improves performance & efficiency of resources
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About Oréll

This best-in-class Campus Automation Software has been designed with the goal of full potential in school administration activities in a fully computerised manner, by the most sought after educational software inventors in market - Oréll, a proud participant in uplifting education, Oréll provides unique Campus management solutions to build a positive campus culture all over the world.

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