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Oréll Values
  • To provide exemplary service to our customers- Our customers are our asset and we believe in retaining ours assets. Our clients keep returning to Orell because we offer the best Return on Investment and customer service in the Education Industry.
  • To build trust and faith in the company- In all our actions and words, we demonstrate care and respect for our customers, our partners and each other. We maintain the highest levels of integrity by being forthright and building trust based on keeping our commitments to others.
  • To uphold impeccable Business ethics- Honesty and integrity are our bywords and our customers trust us because they know that Oréll holds their best interest in the forefront. Our dealings with our customers are all open and ethical.
  • To make positive contributions to our community and environment- We as a company are grateful for the opportunity to be part of the communities in which we work and live. We commit to supporting organizational and individual efforts to contribute to our community.
  • Imbibe Quality in Everything We Do- We invest time and resources to imbibe quality in all aspects of our business.  We strive to continually improve our processes for building, selling and delivering products and services.
  • Grow Profitably- To achieve our mission for our customers, ourselves and our investors, we commit to delivering results that provide steady profits and enable investment for growth.
  • To treat others with respect- At Orell we have created an environment where clients, employees and suppliers are treated with respect, where differing opinions are appreciated and dignity is upheld